Golceram Ardakan Tile Company was established in January 2003 in Ardakan County, the gem of the Iranian desert, covering an area of 210.000 square meters; the first phase of the project was completed in January 2008 with two production lines. With the help of God and tireless efforts of all staff members, the company is currently operating eight digital production lines, producing annually up to three million square meters of tiles, including daily production of 18000 meters of wall tiles and 22000 meters of floor tiles, in various designs, colors and dimension (50*50, 30*90, 60*60, 30*60, 25*25, 25*80, 25*50, 30*60, 30*50, and 25*60). Golceram Co has achieved considerable success in the Iranian and international markets using experienced personnel and managers, modern technology, and high-grade materials. We are hoping to take positive steps to improve the products of the company using the views and suggestions of customers and experts, providing a decent service for our people and country.

Policies of Golceram Company
Golceram Ardakan Tile Company is producing various floor and wall tiles in accordance with Iran's National Standards, and is committed to all national, safety and environmental laws and regulations. The company follows these principles to serve the growing needs of customers, staff, shareholders, and other stakeholders:
1. Improving the satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders
2. Improving the quality of products and reducing waste
3. Increasing product diversity
4. Boosting occupational safety and health and preventing accidents    
5. Preventing environmental pollution
6. Energy management
Golceram Ardakan Tile Company has chosen the establishment of an integrated management system based on ISO14001:2004, ISO9001:2008, and OHSAS18001:2007 standards as a strategic approach for achieving these objectives.
The management of the company is committed to enhance product quality, prevent environmental pollution, and boost occupational safety and health, and invites all staff to cooperate sincerely, aiming for implementation of an integrated management system and improvement of company processes.
Thus, our IMS manager has enough authority to ensure the proper function of the system and keep us up to date.
These policies will be revisited and revised as necessary on an annual basis in order to align the company with new circumstances and needs.

Certificates and Standards